Connecting the Academy to the Field

During June 2015, 14 students from Ben-Gurion University completed the third session of a workshop that links the academy with the field. The students, all trained Paamonim volunteer coaches, participated in a course that provides enrichment programs in various subjects, including: the motivational approach, financial education for kids, career and employment counseling, the financial markets, investments and mortgages. 

The Final Seminar paper, submitted at the end of the course, specifically deals with issues related to Paamonim’s activities, so that the resulting papers can serve the Paamonim organization in its constant quest to develop new products and services, as well as to improve current practices. The topics list is determined jointly by the University and Paamonim at the beginning of each year. 

This year focus

This year the papers were on a variety of topics, including marketing Paamonim to businesses, and the effects of procrastination on economic conduct. Also listed was the adaptation of Paamonim’s coaching process and financial education programs to particular ethnic and special groups, including immigrants from Ethiopia, the Arabs sector, young couples, individuals undergoing divorce, and recovered drug abusers.

The course is a joint initiative between Department of Management at Ben-Gurion University and Paamonim Organization. The purpose of this cooperation is to integrate the students’ social work in Paamonim and their academic studies in the field of personal finance, and to deepen the students’ experience in professional family coaching. We consider the students in this course to be a major force in the future of Paamonim’s activities and in the general area of household economics. 

What’s in it for the students

Coaching families enables students to take part in meaningful social activities while gaining the tools and knowledge required for responsible economic conduct. These tools will allow the students to become leaders in these areas both in the field and in their personal lives. 

The Paamonim organization seeks to deepen the theoretical basis for practical activities and considers this cooperation an important platform for this goal. Studies are based on peer learning, as well as external lectures given by very experienced experts from the Paamonim Organization.

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