Professional lectures and workshops about responsible household management are given to different groups at different stages of life: couples about to get married, newlyweds, teenagers, young families, pensioners, and so on.

Which organizations use the service?

Social organizations, Community Centers, Municipalities, Academies, Seminaries, and any organized group interested in getting such a service (minimum of 10 participants).

If you are an Army Commander, Education leader, Youth Counselor, Social Organization leader, or looking for an activity for your special group – contact us so that we can work with you to arrange an appropriate activity for your target audience.

Where are the activities conducted?

We can reach any place in Israel – from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona.

 What types of training’s and workshops do we offer? 

We can conduct a one-time session on a specific topic, or an in-depth multi-session workshop tailored to your needs.

 What are the available training topics?

Our training topics are about responsible economic management of your household budget. Selected topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Mapping of income and expenses.
  • Budget building according to priorities.
  • Smart consumers
  • Wise banking

Training topics are tailored according to specific group characteristics:


  • The difference between “need” and “want”
  • Correct use of checks and credit cards
  • Teenagers in the workplace – legal rights and obligations

 Youth (before army service, soldiers, after army service, students)

  • Planning versus spontaneity
  • Your rights with the municipalities
  • Forward planning budget
  • Understanding your paycheck


  • Understanding your paycheck
  • Pensions and insurance
  • Saving and planning for the future
  • Economic communication – as a couple
  • Mortgages – basic terms


  • Factors that influence us to purchase
  • Economic aspects of family relationships
  • Parental authority and financial education
  • Current and future family-oriented household budget management


  • Changes in the golden years
  • Your rights in the municipalities
  • Coping with family members in the economic context

 Special populations – tailored according to their needs: youth-at-risk, various welfare populations, prison inmates and wardens, people with special needs, and more.

 Professionals – “Train the Trainer”: Expanding the professional “toolbox”, tools to lead economic changes, tools to spot a group and/or an individual in economic distress, tools for understanding and mapping the economic situation, study and practical experience with Paamonim’s economic coaching tools.

For more information and to order training in Israel:

Telephone: 03-9127146 / 03-9127142

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