The story of Calmy

I’ve heard a lot of good stories began with the words “one day”, and I always thought it was just said, the story had happened on a clear day. My story began beautifully bleak day and I promise you that this really was.

I came home after another exhausting day in high tech, red eyes from lack of sleep and back pain. Outside it was cold, wind and rain and I sank to me on the couch watching TV chew my cold dinner before I would fall into bed.

As I stared at the TV dinner without interest. It was a late-evening program with many economic issues incomprehensible text really boring, announcer interviewed someone else and I heard words like GNP growth, international investment, average income per household, and the like. Plain boring but there was nothing else to really see.

Then she said one sentence for some reason, and to this day I’m not sure why, caught my attention: “Single monthly expenditure of the Central Bureau of Statistics, 7,000 ₪ a month”.

At first, this trial was not much significance in view of the late hour and my mental exhaustion, but after a short time a question came to my mind. Moment … I am single … How I spend a month ?!

Actually, I was thinking, what’s the difference and why it any wonder? But the thought disturbed me greatly. If that’s what singles out a month on average, then how much I spend?

The more I thought about it I realized I do not really know. At first it sounds reasonable amount and probably I really like this takes a month. Then I tried to calculate expenses and has been in my mind I was not sure.

Then another thought occurred to me … how come I do not know how much money I spend ?!

As of life crowded, even of single, working From dusk till dawn, in the evenings going out with friends or a blind date (not always a pleasant experience …), shopping, errands, family … who has time to breathe ?!

But it’s my money, I’m working hard on it, so interesting to know how much I spend.

In short thought disturbed me greatly. I turned off the TV and instead of going to bed I turned on the computer and I decided to do a quick calculation. I opened a new Excel work forward, it will be really short anyway, so I thought.

I created a simple table and I found that I do not remember any of my expenses … well there’s a simple answer everything is documented not? I have some of the money goes down through the standing, some doughs and some credit cards. I sent my desktop drawer to get the relevant documents last month.

But then I found out some interesting facts. First of all drawer crammed full of a variety of envelopes without any order, and beyond much of any more … including envelopes closed last year and includes pay stubs never opened!

In one moment of weakness almost given up and was about to give up (done opportunity … tomorrow another day … it’s not urgent) but fortunately, and I welcome it to this day I started to sort out the drawer.

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