“During the meetings….. we were given material to raise our awareness and give us knowledge. Tools were provided for use in planning and managing household and family economics. The lectures were clear and professional, and conducted with flexibility and attention to the needs of the participants and our organization.”

Margalit Cohen, Psychotherapist – Egged, Human Resources, North

“Many thanks to the Paamonim team for an excellent lecture! We received wonderful feedback from the participants. The lecture was enriching, enjoyable and productive. Thank you very much!”

Maya Diament, Human Resources Manager – “Amiad Water Systems”

“The lecture was fascinating, conducted with grace and humor and providing plenty of relevant examples. Employee participation was warmly encouraged. We will be pleased to maintain contact with Paamonim… “.

Leah Yom Tov, Human Resources Manager – “CEMEX”

“The lecture was good, interesting and offered much food for thought. The lecturer was excellent, and full of spice. She constructed the lecture very well using tips and examples and provided answers to all the questions. Thank you! “

Meyrav Shina, Social Welfare Manager – “Gilat Satellite Networks”

“I would like to thank you for the enriching and unique workshop you conducted for our branch customers. The training was conducted in a very creative way and even a bit of humor. Our customers could not praise it enough, and they continue to thank us, pointing out that the workshop subjects, knowledge and tools they gained have greatly helped in their economic household management. I also thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning new things. Heartfelt thanks from the branch staff, and from me!”

Keren Zadok, Mount Scopus Branch Manager – “Yahav Bank”

“The project with Paamonim started in 2012 and is still going strong. So far, we have  conducted about 40 lectures on the subject of wise economic conduct to different segments of our employees and managers. The lectures to the employees have been  conducted in Hebrew and Russian and Paamonim professional material has been  distributed to the employees. From the employees’ reaction and feedback collected at the end of each lecture, we have seen that employees’ satisfaction levels are high. I enjoy working with Paamonim because of their professionalism, their service, their level of involvement and caring, plus their sense of partnership throughout the project.”

Eilat Dvir Zeitzov, Organizational Development and Training Manager – “Shikun and Binui Group” 

“We arranged for a Paamonim workshop on correct economic conduct in one of our company factories. The workshop focused on changes in mindset and positions about economic conduct and lifestyle, as well as relevant information such as working with banks, smart consumerism and more. From the feedback received from workshop participants, it was evident that they felt they had they gained from participating in the workshop; they had received new information and their basic mindsets had been shaken up. The lectures were professional and interesting and open discussion was encouraged among the participants. In light of the satisfaction level of the workshop participants we intend to offer this workshop to additional employees in our company.”

Shelly Carmel, Personnel Welfare Manager – “Strauss”

“During two days of training we held for our shift employees, (about 90 employees), Paamonim conducted workshops on the subject of household and family economics.

In the employee feedback forms participants ranked these trainings as good, effective, relevant, and helpful, and affirmed that the training was conducted in a good and interesting way.”

Shlomit Mayers, Human Resources Vice President – “Golan Plastic Products Ltd”

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