Retirement Preparation Workshop

In the workshop, participants learn about XXX

Structure of the workshop

Session 1 – Talk about why are we here? How to organize the financial information, and create an asset concentration portfolio. What are my incomes, how to plan the steps forward, on social security, pension savings, private sources of income.

Session 2 – We will talk about the rights and services of the senior citizen, taxation, the new economic boundaries in the family upon retirement.

Session 3 – We will talk about legal issues related to the third age – long-term care insurance, durable power of attorney, wills.

Session 4 – We will talk about employment and entrepreneurship, volunteering and opportunities for using time, we will examine the mental processes that a person goes through in retirement.

Where are the lectures given?

We reach everywhere in the country – from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona.

The workshops are conducted through experiential learning, with personal experience of the tools learned in the sessions.

The training topics are adapted to the characteristics and needs of the group.

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