“At the end of every meeting I left feeling it was the most important one so far. This demonstrates the empowerment I derived from each meeting and how many life-long tools I gained.”

“I felt the need to write what the workshop meant to me. This workshop was one of the best and most important things that has happened to me. I got to the workshop knowing for sure that our problems were only financial. Then, I had an amazing employment-counseling session and I now have direction and a plan for how to continue and reach our destination. In addition, we are at the final stage of couple-counseling. We have a budget that we did not have before. And thanks to the amazing Enav, we have learned to use Paamonim software that provides us with complete control. I know that there is still a long road ahead of us, but I can say with complete confidence that we are on the right road. And I believe that thanks to the tools we have been given, the sky is the limit! The words “thank you” aren’t adequate to express what I, we, feel towards the volunteers. You gave so much of your time and so much of yourselves to help us!”

“My takeaway from the last workshop: become more responsible and deal with the hardships rather than ignore them. For example: deal with building the budget, ask for help and don’t “look who you can blame”. In our relationship, I started to understand that I feel that most of the responsibilities are mine, which is a huge burden on me. In the past I used to argue with Shlomi and simply shut myself away and become angry. This time I engaged Shlomi in a discussion and explained my feelings to him. The conversation helped, so much so that it even partly changed his behavior patterns.”

“I feel progress in my life and it is due to the workshop. Before, I did not even think about looking for a new job because I told myself “who would want me while I am studying and don’t have a certificate?” I sent my resume to a position that asked for an accountant and the fact they even called me for an interview, despite the requirement that I did not meet, gave me a lot of strength. It was worth it just for the interview scheduling – it filled me with self-confidence! And again, this workshop changed me a great deal! On the personal level, in my relationships, socially, and of course for the main reason that we are here, economically.”

“I never thought or imagined how many long-term advantages I would gain from this workshop, above and beyond the economic aspect. I hope that in the future I will also be able to give of myself to Paamonim! It says in the Talmud that “A person should view himself as the sole person in the world”. The idea behind this is that each person should always know that everything he does influences the entire universe. Let’s look at this from another angle: Does the group workshop combined with personal coaching actually work? I see myself as individual in the world and I know that if it were only for me, then it was certainly worth it… Many thanks for everything!”

“Undoubtedly, one of the reasons why I came to Paamonim was for our relationship.

I believe, and continue to believe, that without a ‘clean and pure relationship’ we will not be able to reach economic balance. The way to get there is through joint work, dealing with it together. For example, the realization that some spending is due to psychological needs already gives a pointer as to how to deal with it.

Neither my wife nor I felt open enough with each other to reveal certain expenses -to put them “on the table”. Only after the meeting about family, were we able to sit together and work on the budget at a more realistic level. We were forced to see reality as it was, however unpleasant. Surprisingly enough, this gave us a boost of encouragement.”

“Even if we were to increase our monthly income we would have been unable to balance our monthly expenses because we were spending uncontrollably. The moment I was shown what our actual economic situation looked like, I told myself, I don’t want to live this way!!…. The one single sentence I took from the workshop was ‘to take responsibility!’ No one will do it for me and the responsibility is solely mine! You told me this was called “growing up” and it changed a lot in me! I understood along the way that I was on my own and no one will do it for me. And if I do not take personal responsibility, it simply won’t happen. We are making progress. There is still a long way to go, but we are moving forward.”

“Gradually, my parents noticed that they were hearing less and less about how desperate our situation was. Not that it was so good, not at all, but it was under control, it was being dealt with – we had a way out, and we knew what to do. My parents decided that they would also apply for a Paamonim workshop.”

“So, thank you for everything. I do agree to be more attentive to the inner voice that tells me to control instant gratification, to pay off my debts, to enjoy what I have. I’ll  remember that 200 NIS is money, not nothing. So I’ll keep it and enjoy it. Spending is a momentary pleasure, but paying off a debt provides deep satisfaction.”

“I will start by telling you that you are simply amazing!!!  I got so much strength, inspiration and motivation from you.  One of the smartest decisions I ever made was to go to Paamonim. I feel this change very strongly as I have become a new person. It is such a great feeling, and such a relief to know my exact income and expenses each month. No more surprises, everything is accurately calculated. The word planning has got a new meaning for me. Your slogans guide my life now as I keep hearing them in my head all the time.  Before every economic decision involving an expense I tell myself, “Shirley, live within your means, live within your means!!” And it simply works…”

“From yesterday’s meeting, I take with me the additional motivation to continue with what I already started, to continue and work hard, to continue to calculate and write down everything I spend even though sometimes it wears me out and I have had enough. But I know how important it is and I have already started seeing the benefits from our mutual efforts and this is the way I want to continue. I think that even after the 10th of the month we will be able to use cash while buying at the supermarket, something I have wanted to do for a long time but was not able to. This way we can better control our supermarket expenses, and buy only what we budgeted for upfront and not even a penny more.”

“We came to the Paamonim organization in deep despair. We thought we were in a place from which there was with no way out.  We found amazing people in Paamonim, attentive, caring and knowledgeable. We felt that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Now, as we are approaching the end of the workshop, we can absolutely say that we have learned a lot. You illuminated our way, helped and encouraged us, so that now we have the right tools to continue ….. There is no doubt that we still have a long way to go, but with the help of the Paamonim volunteers we have the strength to continue. They assured us that it was possible and that things could be done…. and may they be blessed for that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your caring approach, which also helped with other issues that had been badly affected as a result of the economic situation you are helping us with….. we really needed the professional guidance for our marriage relationship and for dealing with the kids. Thank you.”

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