Paamonim, a leading Israeli volunteer based NGO formed in 2002 is on a mission to increase Financial literacy in Israel which is low in comparison to many other OECD nations. Our goal is to empower all citizens of Israel to make better financial decisions in that we help eliminate poverty and cultivate an inclusive financially literate society in Israel, one where everyone has access to financial education.

Paamonim offers one on one guidance to families and individuals on how to manage their best manage their financials

and home economics in a responsible manner . How do you make wise financial decisions to ensure a debt-free life and a sustainable financial future?

Our counseling and coaching services are designed to help families and individuals to adequately manage their finances and focus on matters such as:

  • How do you close an overdraft?
  • How to organize Home Economics, and create a sense of being in control of ones financial situation?
  • How do you make wise financial decisions?
  • How do you plan your financial future?
  • How do you decide whether worth taking a loan?
  • How do you cope with a change which affect your financial circumstances?
  • How to read pay slips?
  • How to reduce expenditure and manage unexpected expenses
  • How to increase income

What does the service include?

Orientation Meeting

During the orientation meeting you will have an in-depth discussion about the problem you are facing in the context of your financial situation.

The one-off meeting may often be sufficient to get you back on track, provide a solution to your challenges, and point to the desired action. Those facing more severe issues will require long term guidance and therefore will be directed to receive further support from the following list :

Group Workshop combined with personalized Coaching

Group workshops combined with individual coaching is offered to a number of participants that may be dealing with similar difficulties.

The workshop includes a series of meetings with a professional moderator.

In addition to the group meetings every participant will personally meet an expert who will help him to check out his financial data and the actions he should take (personal data will be discussed during the individual meetings only).

Group activities allow the family to share doubts, successes, and tips from the field. The social ties developed between the participants in a workshop often continue after the workshop has finished. This makes the workshop a forum for mutual support and this fosters the continuation of responsible economic management.

One on one personal Coaching

One on One coaching is intended for people requiring long-term support to help them improve their financial circumstances . The process includes regular meetings with an expert who will help the family or individual understand their financial situation, analyze possible actions, build a financial recovery plan, create a budget, and implement it.

By the end of the process, they will have acquired ample professional skills and tools that will allow them to manage their finances and in a responsible and independent manner.

Who can apply?

Everyone.  Families and individuals who conduct their financial households independently, with a fixed income or a potential income, who are prepared to undergo a process of change in their economic management and are willing to commit to transparency and cooperation with a Paamonim expert.

The service is  provided free of charge.

If a problem is identified that falls into an area in which Paamonim does not operate, the applicant will be referred to the appropriate organization or authority.

What is the procedure to receive the service?

It begins with an orientation meeting.

To arrange an orientation meeting in which the most suitable service will be recommended to you, you must first apply by completing the Request for Assistance Form in which you will provide personal details and financial information.  After completing this form, your application will be assessed and an orientation meeting will be scheduled.

Often the orientation meeting will take place by telephone.

For your information, Paamonim charity does not provide financial support on a regular basis, it provides guidance coaching, knowledge and tools to help people out of debt, overcome poverty and learn to become financially resilient for a  sustainable financial future.

To submit a request for support please complete the application form and send to the following mail:

By e-mail :

Below are the forms to fill in for arranging an orientation meeting. They can be downloaded, printed out and sent to us by mail or fax:

English Form

Hebrew Form

Russian рýcckuú Form

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