Paamonim offers free personalized consulting for families and individuals. Financial counseling helps families and individuals make wise financial decisions, empowering them towards a debt-free and stable financial future.

Paamonim’s Financial consulting is a service that provides advice and support to people facing financial difficulties. Our services are “non-judgmental, free, independent and confidential”

 What does Paamonim’s financial advice comprise?

Daily money decisions impact our financial affairs. Through Paamonim’s support, recipients will receive knowledge, tools and skills, teaching financial education strategies and best practices for healthy financial conduct to help people make everyday decisions and avoid financial hardships. Counselling also covers the following:

·       How to diminish a negative bank balance

·       How to manage family money matters and home economics in an orderly manner

·       How to make wise financial decisions

·       How to plan for a better financial future

·       Developing a money plan and budget

·       How to decide whether to take a loan

·       How to deal with change, impacting ones financial situation

Who can apply to Paamonim for financial advice?

Anyone can!
We support families and individuals running joint or independent households.
Financial counseling is provided free of charge by Paamonims professionally trained and skilled volunteers (in several languages). Those with needs beyond our area of expertise will be referred to other relevant parties.

How to one apply to Paamonim for financial advice?

Complete the online application form ( available in English and other languages)

Application forms require completion of personal and financial details. Subsequent to form submission, applications are assessed and are followed up by an orientation call, tailored to address each applicant’s needs.

There is no limit to the number of times one can reachout to Paamonim for personal guidance, and we will gladly support anyone who has previously benefited from our services, and may require further support or advice.

Orientation calls

The objective of the orientation call is to identify prominent issues (taking in to account one’s financial situation), setting an outline for the personal financial support program. A one-time orientation meeting may often be sufficient in providing clarification of challenges, outlining a desired course of action (orientation calls mostly take place over the phone).

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