It’s hard to imagine much good coming out of 2021 with the COVID-19 pandemic taking so many, and impacting our lives in so many ways. Meanwhile, we’ve actually accomplished a lot, and we must continue do so much more to help defeat poverty in Israel, to help those in financial distress, and help others avoid reaching dire straits.

Here are some of the things we have achieved this past year:

  1. A new CEO for Paamonim
    We appointed Zvika Goldberg as Paamonims new CEO, who will commence his role on January 1st 2022. Zvika Goldberg, former CEO of Be-atzmi, who served in senior positions in the Israeli media, will replace David Kochmeister, who is stepping down following a 4-year term as Paamonim’s CEO.
    Goldberg was selected amongst over 250 candidates, and following a thorough screening process. He previously served as CEO of ” Be-atzmi ” (On my own), an Israeli Nonprofit that actively integrates, and advances excluded groups dealing with enduring unemployment into the job market. In previous public roles Goldberg acted as Chairman of the Inter-Sectoral Round Table in the Prime Minister’s Office, and held a number of senior leadership, and editorial positions across the Israeli media.
  2. We launched Paamonim’s financial college
    The college consolidates the extent of Paamonim;s diverse educational programs– offering an array of learning courses, seminars and educational lectures in the field of financial education. Launching the College is building a bridge to a more financially secure future for Israel by enhancing financial management capabilities of families and individuals, through provision of vast knowledge and tools. This endeavor means giving a life-line for many people across Israel, enabling them to avoid or pull themselves out of financial hardship, towards stability, thereby strengthening their own lives, their communities, and the fabric of Israeli society as a whole.
  3. Announcement of Paamonim’s Research and Academic unit
    The unit explores financial literacy in Israel, and its implications- ensuring our work is grounded in academic research, developing a deeper understanding of what drives people’s financial decision- making, and harnessing those insights to help people make better decisions. Our endeavor is that our findings will also influence policy makers of Israel for the benefit of the entire Israeli society.
  4. We accompanied 2900 families, and individuals providing one on one financial support to those facing financial distress.
  5. Nationwide in Israel over 30, 000 people participated in Paamonims financial literacy training, and seminars, and 370,000 accessed “Paamonim’s” website, where we offer knowledge and tools for self-help and preventative methods to eliminate financial stress.
  6. Direct contribution to Israel’s economy by guiding and providing tools towards financial stability thus decreasing burden on welfare, and High Court Enforcement services.
  7. We are extremely grateful to our 3,000 wonderful volunteers who contributed over 50,000 hours of their time. Thanks to them we at Paamonim are able to work towards our mission to create a reality in which Israeli families, and individuals have the knowledge to make the best financial decisions for themselves, and lead responsible financially balanced lives for financial, and social resilience throughout Israel.
  8. 75% of the accompanied beneficiaries of Paamonim improved their financial balance sheets, showing a reduction in expenditure compared to income.
  9. 82% of the families and individuals indicated an improvement to their financial resilience (feeling of financial security, and ability to take responsibility of their financial situation).
  10. 91% of those accompanied improved their financial behavior (planning, ability to monitor themselves and smarter consumption and ability to make smarter financial decisions).

In 2022 we will continue our journey to empower Israelis to live within their financial means, offering tools, and guidelines for effective money understanding because money impacts the most important things in our lives, and understating money is key when it comes to leading healthy, stress free and stable lives

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