Here are Paamonim’s top 30 ideas for having a thrifty summer:

  1. Go for a run – When the weather is nice, spending time outside is a great way to maximize long summer days. Go for a run on the beach or in the park near your house- it’s great for you and your budget.
  2. Let your imagination run wild!—set up a fortress with friends and create your own world within\
  3. Be a tourist – No matter where you live there are always more attractions to explore. Visitor centers are a great free activity and can even be educational. Look for free visitor centers near you. We loved Herzl-Lillenblum, the visitors’ center of the Bank of Israel.
  4. Take advantage of the internet – In today’s hyper-connected world free content is exploding the internet. Download and print coloring pages for your kids from Google or look for some fun internet games.
  5. Find hidden treasure—set up a treasure hunt with your friends. Create clues and puzzles to solve along the way to your buried treasure’s destination.
  6. Try new cuisine—find recipes online for new and interesting food. Spend some time cooking and tasting these new dishes!
  7. Start earning money—find a summer job like babysitting, pet sitting, or even setting up a day camp for neighborhood children.
  8. Strengthen family ties—spend a few days with family members.
  9. Host friends and family at home – Instead of meeting friends or family out at a restaurant or shopping mall, have them come over to your home to spend quality time. You can play board games, watch a movie from your home, play sports and have a great weekend with people you love!
  10. Go for a swim – Summer is beach season! Go for a swim in the ocean or public pool, and if you don’t like the water you can always relax by the sunset and soak in the beautiful scenery.
  11. Learn career options—visit your parents or grandparents at work and learn all about what they do.
  12. Set up a few friends with each other, each day hosting another.
  13. Do some summer cleaning—clean your room, make room for books and new games.
  14. Donate!—prepare bags of clothes, games, and books that you no longer use, and bring them to a donation center.
  15. Have a picnic – Eating out is one of the main activities during vacation that quickly adds up to a nice large sum of money. Instead of getting food outside, make a habit of preparing food at home and bring it with you to the park for a nice picnic lunch.
  16. Become an entrepreneur—set up a stall on your corner selling juice, lemonade, or anything else you can think o
  17. Volunteer – Having too much free time on your hands can sometimes lead to boredom. Find yourself or your kids something meaningful to do during the day, or even once a week. Look for a nearby shelter or organization you relate to and ask about volunteering. You’ll feel good about giving back and it may give you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people in your neighborhood!\
  18. Organize a neighborhood swap—create a “give-take” market in the neighborhood where people can bring items they no longer need and take ones that they do.
  19. Learn something new – Interested in cooking? Art? Tech? The summer is a great time to explore a topic or take on a new hobby that interests you. Do some research online for new, healthy recipes, or watch tutorials on YouTube for different computer skills, drawing techniques and more. If you want to discover more you can also look for free courses online.
  20. Expand your mind— read a book, solve quizzes and crossword puzzles
  21. Rummage around—you might find forgotten games, toys and treasures if you open drawers you otherwise may have forgotten about.
  22. Movie marathon—choose your favorite movies, or genre of movies, and watch all day at home back-to-back.
  23. Stroll down memory lane—arrange pictures that either you or your parents took on your phones. Download them to a computer and catalog them.
  24. Organize—ask your parents if there are any tasks you can do around the house (cleaning the house or car, gardening work, etc.) Discuss with your parents the possibility of rewarding you with points. Points can then be converted into special treats, like a more expensive activity or even going out for ice cream.
  25. Visit the library – The library is one of the best free resources that we should take more advantage of. Pick up the latest novels and bestsellers you’ve been waiting to read or browse through magazines, movie rentals at your disposal, or guides on almost any topic. The library has tons of free resources for you and your kids of all ages.
  26. Hunt for free shows—there are always free shows and activities in malls or parks. Look for free festivals in your area.
  27. SPLASH PAD – Check out free water features in parks like Rishon LeZion, OshiLand in Kfar Saba.
  28. Be a savvy shopper—help your parents price compare between supermarkets near your home or online.
  29. Play and learn—download Paamonim’s Chutes and Ladders or “Tik-Tak-Tziv
  30. Prepare a piggy bank—build a saving’s box to store all your spare change. See how much you can save over the summer.


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