"I think there is no way to describe the feeling last month when we went to the bank and after so, so long we saw that we were no longer in the red. Here are some facts to compare with the facts at the beginning of our Paamonim economic recovery program: We had 1,900 shekels in the bank. We had paid off three loans from the bank, and remained with one other loan from my workplace, which we are paying off regularly. This month we will restore the savings to our two daughters, and we will begin to save money for the household. These may be dry facts, but for us they are like a dream come true."


 Paamonim's activities have continued to expand during 2012, from Kiryat Shemona in the North to Eilat in the South. We have increased our operations in outlying areas and we have tried to reach every family desiring to achieve economic responsibility and economic independence.




  • 4,953 families were tutored in 2012. 3,318 of them were new families. The number of new families increased by 26%.
  • 24% increase in the number of applications to Paamonim in 2012.
  • 120% increase in the number of preventive workshops.
  • 20% increase in the number of preventive lectures.


The Economic Rehabilitation Process - Results

  • Over 80% of tutored families completed their economic rehabilitation programs successfully.
  • Of these, about 60% of families finished the process with complete success, meaning that debts had been repaid, they were able to manage without an overdraft, and the principles of correct economic household management had been internalized. They had also changed their personal and family consumer habits.
  • About 20% of families finished the process with partial success, meaning that a significant improvement had been made in the economic balance of their households, but room for improvement still remained.



  • 2,623 volunteers are active in Paamonim.
  • 1,837 trained volunteers tutor our Paamonim families.
  • 280 volunteers are trained team leaders.
  • 41 volunteers are trained employment counselors.
  • 90 volunteers are trained preventive lecturers and workshop moderators.
  • 71 professional advisors give counseling to tutors and families.
  • 279 volunteers perform other functions within Paamonim.


Training of Volunteers

  • 37 training courses for volunteer tutors took place throughout the country. Each training course consisted of six meetings, each meeting of three hours duration.
  • Additional training courses were held for team leaders and employment counselors.


Professional advisors

  • Paamonim operates a Counseling Center, backed up by a wide ranging panel of professional advisors from various fields, such as insurance, accounting, banking, law, mortgages and court orders, who are available to be consulted about problems faced by volunteers and families.
  • 71 advisors participate in the Counseling Center
  • 777 families received counseling in 2012


Loans for families within the context of the rehabilitation program

  • Paamonim gives interest free loans to families in the economic rehabilitation program. The loans are given only upon authorization by a committee of professionals who check out carefully whether the family can meet the criteria set out by Paamonim for these loans.


PTP - Preventive Training Programs

  • Paamonim has developed comprehensive training kits adaptable to all age groups and institutions giving tools for correct economic household management and wise consumerism. Target groups were young families, youth, golden agers, national service personnel, discharged soldiers and disadvantaged families.
  • In 2012, 10,000 people participated in preventive lectures and workshops.
  • 253 lectures took place on correct economic household management.
  • 101 workshops on topics relating to correct economic household management were held. Each workshop consisted of four meetings.
  • These lectures and workshops are given to many different audiences throughout the country and thus we have broadened Paamonim's influence over a wide and varied population.


Paamonim Training Center

  • The Training Center offered workshops to train social service administrators, social workers, community coordinators and human resources personnel to effectively relate to families in economic difficulties. Paamonim gave them tools and practical tips to assist them to help families from disadvantaged populations.


Paamonim Employment Counselors Center

  • This Center focused on employment counselors who offered a professional solution to families in their economic rehabilitation programs. A large proportion of these families required assistance and training in how to find employment and remain employed.
  • The employment counselors are trained volunteers.
  • This Center provides professional solutions to a large number of families to help them out of the circle of "inactivity and misery" and into the circle of "productivity and salary".


 Paamonim Tutoring Workshops

  • These group workshops have been developed offering an alternative and enriched tutoring process combined with the use of group dynamics. A quality solution can be given to a number of families together, without giving up on the personal individual aspects of the tutoring process.
  • 30 tutoring workshops were held in 2012.


Paamonim Students

  • This young, dynamic group has been integrated into Paamonim's activities and has brought Paamonim into academic environments in Israel.
  • There are 340 students who are volunteer tutors helping about 150 families throughout the country.
  • Students are active in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, The Interdisciplinary Campus in Herzlia, Ben Gurion University in Beersheba, Tel-Aviv University and Haifa University.


Increased awareness among the Israeli people of Paamonim and its work, the desire to spread Paamonim's message to families and volunteers and the recognition of Paamonim by national and private institutions gives us increased motivation to continue our work and promote lasting changes in Israeli society.


The increase in the number of families applying for help throughout the country is a trend that demands creativity and "out of the box" innovative thinking from Paamonim. We have to work very hard to carry out the responsibilities that we have undertaken.


We are ready and willing to provide solutions to more and more families and to demonstrate the importance of personal responsibility and economic independence in strengthening disadvantaged populations. We are committed to continue, to develop and to advance.