30% of all Israelis are living below the poverty line today, in a constant state of overdraft and debt. One out of every 3 Israeli children is experiencing hunger and poverty.  


The damaging effects of war and terrorist attacks, and budget cuts in social welfare services are all very real issues that drive many of Israel's families into debt and poverty, and result in their inability to meet even their most basic needs. Charitable organizations throughout Israel provide temporary relief for families in financial crisis, but for the majority of the recipients of this assistance, the cycle of poverty is never-ending. Food baskets, financial assistance, heaters, clothes for the children, provide these families in need with vital emergency assistance. However, after a short time, the family will once again be in need of help from charities and social services, as new expenses tend to emerge.

Paamonim offers an effective alternative to charity by focusing on long-term, comprehensive solutions to debt and poverty. Paamonim gets to the root of the problem, giving individualized all-encompassing assistance, guidance, and support to families who feel that they are unable to solve their financial problems on their own and have nowhere else to turn.  
Economic crisis can lead to severe consequences within the family - an atmosphere of hostility, anger, stress, and despair for the entire family, as well as serious problems among the children due to material and emotional insecurity. By providing real solutions and teaching families how to rise above poverty and debt and to stand on their own two feet, we restore a sense of stability, dignity and self-respect to Israel's families in financial distress.

Paamonim matches each family with a specially trained volunteer tutor who assists the family over time to develop and implement an Economic Recovery Plan that suits its individual needs. These tutors are trained by Paamonim and receive close ongoing supervision.
Throughout the Economic Recovery Process, the tutors provide emotional and practical support and thorough, comprehensive supervision. The families are helped to properly manage their household finances, and are sometimes even provided with financial assistance or loans, until they are able to return to financial stability and live with dignity.

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